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Elementary Instructional GuideEfficacy Instructional Guides

For use with Student Workbooks

The Efficacy Instructional Guides (elementary or secondary edition) give you a wealth of strategies to teach and empower students to use Efficacy in their quest to get better, stronger and smarter at anything they choose.   

The Guide supports you in developing lesson plans to instruct students in the Efficacy “get smart” tools.  It coaches you how to teach each chapter in a series of lessons or sessions during which students are given the time to internalize and apply the concepts or skills. 

Inside each Guide you will find:

  • Secondary Instructional GuideLearning objectives of each chapter, including the likely effects of the chapter on students’ thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Key concepts and vocabulary
  • Step-by step instructional guidelines for each lesson
  • Creative hands-on activities, projects and demonstrations
  • Concrete ways to use Efficacy every day
  • Literature connections, and real-life examples

As a result of your effective instruction, students will demonstrate greater confidence, character development, and learning capacity—in and out of school.

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