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Secondary Edition: Your Tools for “Getting Smart”

Efficacy Student Workbooks  

Efficacy puts tools for success directly into students’ hands.  The Efficacy ”Get Smart” Toolkits help students learn how to learn by building their confidence to take on challenges, by demonstrating to them the truth of Effective Effort, and by empowering them to persevere in the face of difficulty or failure.

Specifically, these workbooks empower students to:

  • Work with the mindset that “smart is something you can get”—
    in school and out of school
  • Look closely at their performance, including grades and scores to make feedback,
    and figure out strategies to improve
  • Sustain their efforts in challenging academic and social situations
    Secondary Edition: Your Tools for “Getting Smart”
  • Show strong character by treating others well, and by working at things that are challenging until they succeed

Recently revised, our student workbooks feature updated concepts, tools, and design.  Our Elementary or Secondary Editions are available for purchase individually, or in Classroom Sets (each set includes 30 student workbooks, with one Instructional Guide).

Elementary Edition: Your "Get Smart" Toolkit:
64 pages, color with illustrations, including a color Certificate of Success
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Secondary Edition: Your Tools for “Getting Smart”:
71 pages, color with photographs
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