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Efficacy puts tools for success directly into students’ hands.  The Efficacy "Get Smart" Toolkits help students learn how to learn by building their confidence to take on challenges, by demonstrating to them the truth of Effective Effort, and by empowering them to persevere in the face of difficulty or failure.  Learn More

Individual Books:
Elementary $10; Secondary $10.99
(Shipping & Handling Included)
Instructional Guide not Included

Classroom Sets:
Elementary $300; Secondary $329.70
(Shipping & Handling Included)
Each Classroom Set includes 30 Student Workbooks and One Instructional Guide

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Efficacy Instructional Guides

For use with Efficacy Student Workbooks

The Efficacy Instructional Guides (elementary or secondary edition) give you a wealth of strategies to teach and empower students to use Efficacy in their quest to get better, stronger and smarter at anything they choose. Learn More

Efficacy Instructional Guide $27 (Shipping & Handling Included)
Instructional Guides are available for purchase individually, and one guide is included in every Student Workbook Classroom Set



Efficacy Journal & Folder

Helping students understand the impact of the academic actions they choose to take (or not take) on an ongoing basis is a critical component to their development of healthy and productive habits. The Efficacy/Get Smart Journal is designed for students to analyze their effort in a course by tracking their actions and directly linking them to performance outcomes. There are 50 entries in the journal, each of which includes an efficacious quote, a table to record daily efforts, space for journaling and a performance data chart. A companion Efficacy folder is also included.

Efficacy Journal & Folder $8 (Shipping & Handling Included)


Parent Guide

This guide is intended for use by parents, other adults in the home, or in organized parent workshops/meetings sponsored by schools, parent organizations, and community-based agencies. Spanish edition is available; English edition is currently out of stock. Learn More

Parent Guide $3 (Shipping & Handling Included)

Language Version


Efficacy Classroom Posters Set of 4

These posters help promote Efficacy concepts in the classroom on a daily basis. Designs include the “Get Smart” Model of Development (Think You Can/ Work Hard/Get Smart), Weak Side vs. Strong Side, and the Data/Feedback/Strategy Method.


Efficacy Classroom Posters Set of 4 – 18” x 24” tear/stain-resistant $20

(Shipping & Handling Included)

*Please contact us for information about discounts on large orders.



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