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The effectiveness of Efficacy has been proven by hard-working educators in communities across America since the mid-1980s. Using our Mission, Mindset, and Method Approach, they have achieved dramatic proficiency gains, improving student performance at the district, school, and classroom levels. 

Click on the links below to read about examples of success in each one of our key program offerings: The Single School Initiative, The Efficacy Turnaround Initiative, and Capacity Building.

 Single School Initiative: Peres Elementary (Richmond, CA) Maximize
 Efficacy Turnaround Initiative: Memphis City Schools Maximize
 Capacity Building: Palm Beach County, FL Maximize
 Results of Efficacy Initiatives in Key Cities Maximize
 Testimonial of an Efficacy Participant

Marc Etienne, Leadership and School Achievement Specialist at New Leaders for New Schools, offered a powerful testimonial about his experience with Efficacy to a group of principals in training - watch it now in this short video. 

 Participants Say

91% of participants say they can use Efficacy to restructure their schools.

 Students Speak

High school students at Boston's Health Careers Academy participated in a semester of Efficacy for Students, using our Secondary Edition Student Workbooks. At the end of the semester we asked them, "Has Efficacy helped you understand that it is your effort that makes the difference?"  Here is what they said:

"It is the reason I'm saying 'I can do it.'"

"Yes, because it makes me work harder."

"The effort I put into school has made me more confident."

"Yes because I think that I can improve my grades as long as I try."

"Yes.  When I want to give up I think about the Efficacy advisory."

"Yes... you can do it if you put effort in, and I hadn't realized that before."

"Yes because it shows me how I work hard in school."

"Since advisory I work harder--yes." 

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