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The Envoy Project in Memphis City Schools  

As a part of Memphis City Schools' Teacher Effectiveness Initiative (TEI), the Envoy Project is an exciting and innovative venture that prepares Student Envoys to improve the climate and culture of their schools from the inside out.

Currently in its second year, the Envoy Project in Memphis City Schools encompasses more than 1,150 Student Envoys and 100 Teacher Envoys in 76 schools.

The Envoy Project will continue to grow as seasoned Student Envoys widen their circles of impact, and when they are joined by 40 new schools in the coming year.

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 Envoy Project Schools

The following schools will participate in the 2012-13 SY:

Elementary Schools:
Alcy, Alton, Bethel Grove, Brewster, Brookmeade, Bruce, Caldwell-Guthrie, Cherokee, Coleman, Cordova, Corning, Double Tree, Dunbar, Egypt, Evans, Fairley, Florida Kansas, Ford Road, Frayser, Gardenview, Georgia Avenue, Georgian Hills, Getwell, Grandview Heights, Graves, Hamilton, Hanley, Hawkins Mill, Hickory Ridge, Kingsbury, Knight Road, Lucie E. Campbell, Oakhaven, Riverview, Robert R. Church, Ross, Scenic Hills, Sharpe, Sheffield, Spring Hill, Vollentine, Westwood, Whitney, and Winchester.

Middle Schools:
A. Maceo Walker, Airways, American Way, Bellevue, Chickasaw, Colonial, Cordova, Corry, Craigmont, Cypress, Fairview, Geeter, Georgian Hills, Hamilton, Havenview, Hickory Ridge, Humes, Kingsbury, Kirby, Lanier, MBA, Oakhaven, Raleigh-Egypt, Ridgeway, Riverview, Sherwood, Soulsville Charter, Southside, Westside, Wooddale, and Vance.

K-8 Schools:
Douglass and Lester.

High Schools:
Booker T. Washington, Carver, Central, City University, Cordova, Craigmont, Douglass, East, Fairley, Frayser, Hamilton, Hillcrest, Hollis Price, Kingsbury, Kirby, MBA, Manassas, Melrose, Middle College, Memphis Health Careers, Memphis Academy of Health Sciences, Northside, Oakhaven, Overton, Raleigh-Egypt, Ridgeway, Sheffield, Trezevant, Westwood, Whitehaven, White Station, and Wooddale.

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 Student Envoy Perspective

MCS Student Envoy Alicia Jones writes:

Some might think that the whole Envoy Project is frivolous, but I’ve come to say that this program has helped me out in so many ways. Why? Because this program is not just for school; it can be used in the real world. There are five “secrets” that are used in this program, but the one I love the most that really changed my whole attitude was Strong Side vs. Weak Side (SS/WS).

Click here to read all of Alicia's article, From an Un-Wanting Past to a Striving Future.

 Video Resources

The following Envoy Project videos can be viewed on MCS' MediaSite (just click on the title to link to the video):

Envoy Project Overview
Ms. Barbara Logan offers a quick overview of how the Envoy Project works in Memphis City Schools (3:36).

Envoy Project Testimonials
Teachers and Principals talk about how the Envoy Project has had positive impact on their students and schools (4:49).

Student Envoy Winter Retreat
This powerful documentary brings you to the 2011 Student Envoy Winter Retreat, where 220 students from 20 MCS high schools were trained to serve as Envoys over their holiday break (10:50).

Student Envoy Camp
The 2010 Student Envoy Camp launched the Envoy Project in Memphis City Schools; this video captures student and teacher reactions to the experience (4:55).

National Youth Summit in Washington D.C.
In February 2011 a group of Memphis Student Envoys traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the National Youth Summit hosted by the U.S. Department of Education (6:06).

MCS Student Envoy Summit 2011
Last March Student Envoys from across the district convened to network with one another, connect to MCS and city leaders, and celebrate their success (3:09).

Envoy Project Interview with Dr. Irving Hamer
Heather Danielson of MCS' Channel 19 talks to Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Irving Hamer, about the Envoy Project which he helped to initiate in district (1:27).

Year 1 of the Envoy Project in MCS: A Look Back
Includes all of the above video segments in a 30-minute program hosted by MCS Student Envoy Anchors, Claudia Batts and Damian White.

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