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The Envoy Project: A Youth Movement  

On the journey to proficiency our young people should not be idle passengers. The Envoy Project flips traditional models by enlisting students to be a major force in the reform effort, preparing them to lead positive change within their schools and community.

The Envoy Project engages students who have already shown strong leadership in both official and non-official ways. Their diversity encompasses traditional student council, athletic, and academic leaders, as well as informal social leaders who have previously led in both positive and negative directions. Together they learn the secrets to building a Quality Life, so that they can go after their own visions of personal success, and help their peers do the same.

One of our most powerful service offerings, the Envoy Project can be implemented within schools as well as community or after-school programs to dramatically improve culture and climate.

Students Envoys Say...

When I first got involved with Envoy I didn't feel like a leader. But now that I am in Envoy I feel like a better leader and I like helping people now. - Wayna

Now that I'm in the Envoy Project I know that I can become anything I want to become.
- Jennifer

It's actually been a real fun program... and an inspirational program. - Eric

I just feel great because I have the biggest confidence right now - and it's one thing that this week [Student Envoy Camp] has given me, and nothing can take that away. - Olivia

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 Teacher Envoys: Supporting Student Envoys

The Envoy Project is a student-centered model, but it cannot succeed without a dedicated core of passionate professionals: Teacher Envoys. These Teacher Envoys are change agents committed to the mission of improving the culture and climate in their schools and district.

Throughout the year Teacher Envoys meet weekly with their Student Envoys to help them develop as role models, vectors, and leaders using Efficacy curriculum. Teacher Envoys also attend events like the Student Envoy Summit and the Student Envoy Camp, where they help facilitate lessons in partnership with Efficacy staff.

Teacher Envoys are in turn supported by their principals and Envoy Liaisons (a role traditionally filled by a guidance counselor or graduation coach) who promote the spread of Envoy throughout the buildling and direct the student nominations process. Working together, this team of adults create the proper channels for their Student Envoys to be heard across the school building.


 Envoy Project Sites

Memphis City Schools
The Envoy Project was initially launched in Memphis, Tennessee as a part of the Gates Foundation-funded Teacher Effectiveness Initiative. Since the summer of 2010 over 1,350 students and 100 teachers have been trained as Envoys. The project continues to gain momentum in 76 schools, and will welcome 40 new schools in the 2012-13 SY. Click here to read more about the Envoy Project in Memphis.

Bibb County School District
In the spring of 2012 Bibb County School District in Macon, Georgia will initiate the Envoy Project in 14 middle and high schools. Stay tuned for updates about their exciting work!

Click here to learn more about the Envoy Project in Bibb County School District

Click here to download a BCSD Teacher Envoy application

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