Efficacy — A Singular Mission:

Move All Children to Rigorous Standards of Academic Proficiency

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Successful school transformation requires a simple, compelling target: we work with schools leaders to organize K-12 education to move all children to a rigorous standard of proficiency.

To help educators meet this objective, we offer Mission-Focused Services, Curricula and Products.

Efficacy Principle

The health of a community can be measured by its success in developing all of its children


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We offer a wide range of products to help enable educators and students.



"This seminar made me take a good look at myself as a teacher. I can make a difference starting with myself. I can't wait to get started because ALL children can achieve proficiency!"

Andrea Gonzalez, Springfield, MA

"This training allows participants to reassess their current practices and enables them to formulate strategies to develop themselves and their students."

Omar Kamora, Chicago, IL

"Every experience I've had to use the Self-Directed Improvement System has been very beneficial. I recommend its use in any area in which one wants to improve."

Joya Neil, Memphis, TN

Efficacy Principle

Use feedback to develop your strategy. When you do, you're not simply working hard; you're "working smart."

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