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Observations & Insights from Efficacy Trainers

Efficacy Director of School Services, Barbara Logan is a true road warrior! This excerpt comes from an email she sent after working with 40 under-performing high school students in Trinidad, described to her as "uncaring and unwilling to work":

"We spent about an hour and a half developing legacies... they listed what they wanted to do in terms of careers, and then listed how, and for what, they wished to be remembered. We then made the link between the need for proficiency in academics and character as well as Effective Effort. As I watched their eyes light up and listened to the excitement in their voices, I was reaffirmed in what I believe to be true about children. They want to achieve, and they want to build quality lives for themselves.

"Students withdraw effort - and engage in counterproductive activities - when they do not believe that they can achieve academically. But given the opportunity to think about Efficacy concepts, and what they really want for their lives, students will make the connection between the need for proficiency, and the logic of putting in the effort to get what they want. The students in Trinidad walked away with a clear understanding of the fact that they can learn, and will learn, anytime they do the work!"

Thanks, Barbara - Great Effort!

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