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The Boston Campaign for Proficiency: A Sustainable Mission

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What's the Boston Campaign for Proficiency (BCP) all about? Campaign Coordinator, Fran Smith, has a bold answer to that question. "We're building a movement," she explains. "We need a paradigm shift in the way we think about learning."The Efficacy Institute is a primary partner in the BCP effort, along with the Campaign Executive Committee and School and Main Institute. In the classroom, the Campaign employs Efficacy techniques including the Self-Directed Improvement System (TM) which uses data, feedback, and strategy to reach targeted goals. Participating schools have agreed to track student progress throughout the year and implement a data stream to communicate the information to the larger community.

CBOs, in addition to providing out-of-school academic support, will also be focused on character development. This key campaign element of extending work beyond school time to include the community is essential to support the mission. "By transferring this knowledge to the people, you give them ownership," Fran comments. The BCP is, in a sense, trying to build a self-sustaining culture of achievement.

In August The Efficacy Institute hosted a week-long Parent Train-the-Trainer event as one effort to strengthen the community network. Participants in the training included Family Community Outreach Coordinators (FCOC) of the Boston Public Schools, and members of BCP participating Community Based Organizations; as a result of the experience, participants will be able to further serve the communities in which they are already embedded.

"These people work with parents on a regular basis, so a key point is to have them incorporate their Train-the-Trainer experience into their daily practices," Fran says of participants. "Our certified trainers will be able to work with parents to support their children's learning."

In addition to daily work, participants will be certified to facilitate "Get Smart Mindset" presentations within the community. The BCP plans to offer a minimum of five "Get Smart Mindset" lessons per month. By June of 2008 the BCP's goal is to have served at least 1,000 parents and community members via "Get Smart Mindset" workshops.

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