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Things I Know For Sure

Admin   08/08/2017   0 Comments

Written by Michele Courton Brown

Things I know for sure:

  • It is the job of adults – educators, administrators, parents, and the community – to ensure that all children are well prepared to lead productive lives.  
  • The well-being of our society, and our nation’s ability to compete globally, is predicated on the development of successive generations equipped to meet the ever changing technological, political, economic, and social aspects of being a global citizen. 
  • However, we have not risen to this challenge of successfully preparing all young people, particularly children of color and the economically disadvantaged.  
  • We can, and we must, focus our resources – human and financial – to nurture and develop what is our country’s most precious asset – our children.

These things that I know for sure have been evidenced throughout my life.  As the daughter of a retired elementary school teacher, I grew up knowing that education was the key to seizing the opportunities that existed in our country.  My family made sure that I had the education to move up in the world, a legacy I am able now to pass on to my own two boys.  However, in my 25 years of involvement in education issues – as a foundation executive, volunteer, and board member of both elementary schools and colleges, I have seen that not all of our nation's children are so fortunate.

Three months ago I joined Dr. Jeff Howard and his remarkable team at The Efficacy Institute to deliver a model of education reform that addresses the issues we currently face, and is proven to move children and adults to proficiency.   Efficacy’s vision and mission resonates strongly for me.  Its aspirations are big, but imminently “do-able" – particularly if we enlist all constituents, including our children. 

I made the move from corporate America because I am convinced that we are experiencing a “perfect storm” of federal, state, and citizen-led commitment to improving outcomes in America’s schools.  The real prospect of transformation in America’s schools looms large, and I knew I absolutely needed to seize the moment to be part of this great movement.

So it is with this momentum at my back that I’ve stepped into my role as The Efficacy Institute’s Chief Operating Officer.  Developing and expanding partnerships in school districts and communities across the country, thinking about and helping to execute strategies to increase the implementation of the Efficacy “Get Smart” Model, increasing our staff capacity, and identifying ways to leverage technology to deliver our programs and services are all things that keep me energized these days. 

As The Efficacy Institute embraces this opportunity to extend its reach and impact, I invite any and all members of the Efficacy community to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about our shared mission of getting all children to proficiency.

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