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Efficacy Training for Parents and Family

The Efficacy Parent & Family Workshop supports participants to further engage as active partners in their childrens' education. They learn concrete tools and concepts that they can begin using immediately, recognizing that they do not need high levels of education in order to demand academic excellence of their children, guide their effective effort in school, and encourage their resilience in the face of failure or difficulty.


In addition to contracting Efficacy Trainers to deliver this program, we also offer a Train-the-Trainer Process that certifies individuals within a school or community to facilitate the Parent & Family Workshop. This process builds capacity within a district or community to independently conduct this Efficacy Workshop throughout the year. The links below offer descriptions of each phase in our Train-the-Trainer certification process.

Training, Tutorial, & Practice

The process begins with a clear outline of the expectations for successful participation, and the certification standard, which involves mastery of content, effective use of added value, and skilled management of group dynamics. Conducted in a learning-oriented environment, trainers practice delivery of the core elements of each module, receive feedback from their peers and the Efficacy Institute Trainer, and plan improvement strategies.

Independent Practice

During this practice, trainers are focused on making improvements based on earlier feedback, as well as deepening their understanding and facilitation of the material. Following each practice session trainers receive feedback from their audience, as well as make their own feedback to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

co-training experiences

Two trainers collaboratively facilitate the entire workshop to an audience of 10 or more people, including an Efficacy Institute Trainer, to gain feedback around the certification standard. Following their co-training sessions, trainers debrief with the Efficacy Trainer and develop a plan of action for their certification sessions.

Certification Session

In this session trainers facilitate the entire workshop with an Efficacy Institute Trainer observing to assess their achievement of the certification standard. Following the certification session trainers engage in a discussion with the Efficacy Trainer to identify successes and challenges, and those who meet the standard will be certified. Those who do not meet the standard with work with the Efficacy Trainer to develop a specific plan of action to build competence in areas needing improvement.

Monthly Data/Feedback/Strategy Sessions

Once certified, trainers continue to engage in feedback sessions to monitor their continuous learning and development. As a team, trainers work together to enhance their capacities using the Efficacy Data/Feedback/Strategy Method. For these sessions an Efficacy Institute Trainer is involved via conference calls or in person.

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Efficacy Participants Say:

"This training allows participants to reassess their current practices and enables them to formulate strategies to develop themselves and their students."

Omar Kamora, Chicago, IL

"This seminar made me take a good look at myself as a teacher. I can make a difference starting with myself. I can't wait to get started because ALL children can achieve proficiency!"

Andrea Gonzalez, Springfield, MA

"Every experience I've had to use the Self-Directed Improvement System has been very beneficial. I recommend its use in any area in which one wants to improve."

Joya Neil, Memphis, TN

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