Training and Support for Educators and School Administrators

Effective Leadership is the primary driver of change


The foundation of our approach, where educators at all levels come together to align their beliefs and practices with the Mission. We offer the “3 M’s” (Mission, Mindset and Method) as foundations to achieve the common goal of proficiency for all students.

Using our curriculum, training, and execution support, Efficacy consultants help professionals within a school building, cluster or entire district infuse the “3 M’s” into the fabric of their daily functions, so that all levels work together, with a shared language and approach, toward a common goal. Our service packages for K-12 schools include:


Leadership Team Training

Leadership Team Training is a 4-day experience (in two, 2-day sessions, 2-4 weeks apart) conducted with district, cluster and/or individual school leadership teams, and sets the foundation for dramatic improvement in student outcomes. The training is organized around the 3M’s (Mission, Mindset and Method).

We will investigate the Psychology of Performance—the study of how and why people (adults and young people) learn and grow; an underlying set of personality and character traits that will support that growth; and the phenomenon of resistance to change—key to understanding why so many change initiatives fail. The training includes multiple opportunities for personal introspection, application, and skill practice.

Leadership Team Training culminates with a comprehensive Mission Strategy Planning Process, offering a framework for operationalizing the Efficacy Approach at the district and school levels.

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 The Efficacy Training for Teachers and School Staff

This core training contains many of the elements of our training for school leaders, and empowers school faculty and staff to work collaboratively to shape the drive for proficiency in their buildings. We will investigate the Psychology of Performance—the study of how and why people (adults and young people) learn and grow, and underlying personality and character traits that will support that growth. The training includes multiple opportunities for application, personal introspection, and skill practice.

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Execution Support

Efficacy consultants provide on-going support throughout the school year for execution of concrete strategies to achieve the Mission, including:

  • Developing clear proficiency targets for each subject, at each grade level
  • Employing aligned quarterly assessments to monitor progress
  • Facilitating routine, disciplined, collaborative analysis of student data to drive strategies to accelerate achievement

We will meet in collaborative groups, with building leadership, and/or grade-level teams to facilitate these discussions.

Helping students to rise!

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Efficacy Participants Say:

"This training allows participants to reassess their current practices and enables them to formulate strategies to develop themselves and their students."

Omar Kamora, Chicago, IL

"This seminar made me take a good look at myself as a teacher. I can make a difference starting with myself. I can't wait to get started because ALL children can achieve proficiency!"

Andrea Gonzalez, Springfield, MA

"Every experience I've had to use the Self-Directed Improvement System has been very beneficial. I recommend its use in any area in which one wants to improve."

Joya Neil, Memphis, TN

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