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Our participants often tell us, I wish I had gotten Efficacy earlier in life. We share this sentiment wholeheartedly. In response we have developed a range of services that directly engage students from pre-K to college. These dynamic programs cater to students' unique backgrounds, and equip them with the tools they need be successful, now and in the future. Our student services include:


the envoy project

A 5-day intensive experience for middle school and high school students who have shown leadership (in traditional and non-traditional ways). The Envoy program equips students to serve as positive change agents within their schools and communities.

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college-bound and college students

A 2-day experience, focused on academic performance in post-secondary environments, that teaches core Efficacy concepts to students who are new to college, or preparing to go.

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Efficacy Participants Say:

"This training allows participants to reassess their current practices and enables them to formulate strategies to develop themselves and their students."

Omar Kamora, Chicago, IL

"This seminar made me take a good look at myself as a teacher. I can make a difference starting with myself. I can't wait to get started because ALL children can achieve proficiency!"

Andrea Gonzalez, Springfield, MA

"Every experience I've had to use the Self-Directed Improvement System has been very beneficial. I recommend its use in any area in which one wants to improve."

Joya Neil, Memphis, TN

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