The Envoy Project


The Envoy Project: A Youth Movement

On the journey to proficiency, young people should not be idle passengers. The Envoy Project flips traditional models by enlisting students to be a major force in the reform effort, preparing them to lead positive change within their schools and communities.

The Envoy Project engages students who have already shown strong leadership in both official and non-official ways. Their diversity encompasses traditional student council, athletic, and academic leaders, as well as informal social leaders who have previously led in both positive and negative directions. Together they learn the secrets to building a Quality Life, so that they may independently pursue their own visions of personal success, and help their peers do the same.

One of our most powerful service offerings, the Envoy Project can be implemented within schools and clusters, as well as community or after-school programs, to dramatically improve culture and climate.


The Envoy Message

An "Envoy" is a person who carries an important message, based on five Efficacy "Secrets of a Quality Life":

1. The Efficacy "Get Smart" Model:
People aren't born smart; they become smart. With confidence and effective effort, all those who work can learn.

Failure And Difficulty Are Feedback - they are simply information about how to improve.

3. The Data/Feedback/Strategy Method:
Successful people use data to make feedback (what do I need to work on to improve?) and bulid strategies for improvement. This method engages students' intelligence and effective effort toward getting smarter.

4. Learning Orientation:
People in a Learning Orientation are guided by the question, "How can I get better?" As a result they don't give up after failure, because they realize that every difficulty presents an opportunity to learn and improve.

5. Strong Side:
Everyone has the capacity to show strong character by committing their effort, being resilient after difficulty, and being decent and supportive to others. When people do this, they are choosing to act from their Strong Sides. And groups with connected Strong Sides become Strong Side Networks - like the Envoy community!

Student Envoys: 3 Roles

Student Envoys know the Efficacy Secrets and they learn what to do with them. Throughout the school year Student Envoys learn how to put the secrets into action by filling the following roles:

Role Models
Students use and demonstrate the Efficacy Secrets in their daily lives (in and out of school), setting a positive example for others.

Students effectively transmit Efficacy Secrets to their peers, spreading them so they "go viral."

Students listen to their peers' concerns and address issues in their schools to direct positive change within them.

Teacher Envoys: Supporting Student Envoys

The Envoy Project is a student-centered model, but it cannot succeed without a dedicated core of passionate professionals: Teacher Envoys. Teacher Envoys are change agents committed to the mission of improving the culture and climate in their schools and district.

Throughout the year Teacher Envoys meet weekly with their Student Envoys to help them develop as role models, vectors, and leaders using Efficacy curriculum. Teacher Envoys also attend events like the Student Envoy Summit and the Student Envoy Camp, where they help facilitate lessons in partnership with Efficacy staff.

Teacher Envoys are in turn supported by their principals and Envoy Liaisons (a role traditionally filled by a guidance counselor or graduation coach) who promote the spread of Envoy throughout the school and direct the student nominations process. Working together, this team of adults create the proper channels for their Student Envoys to be heard and operate effectively across the school building.

Student Envoys Say:

"Now that I'm in the Envoy Project I know that I can become anything I want to become."


"It's actually been a real fun program... and an inspirational program."


"I just feel great because I have the biggest confidence right now - and it's one thing that this week [Student Envoy Camp] has given me, and nothing can take that away."


"When I first got involved with Envoy I didn't feel like a leader. But now that I am in Envoy I feel like a better leader and I like helping people now."


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